Welcome to Biwabik’s Vermilion Trail Campground
Campground Rules and Guidelines


To ensure a great experience by all visitors the following rules and guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. The campsite Check In time is 2:00 PM or later, and the Check Out time is no later than 12:00 PM.
  2. No person shall camp without first having registered and paid for their site.
  3. The speed limit in the campground is 10 mph. Please drive carefully and watch out for children.
  4. The quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Please respect your fellow campers by observing the quiet times.
  5. Keep your campsite clean and your trash properly secured.
  6. Campfires must remain within the campfire ring.
  7. For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, we ask that you keep all campfires within the fire rings provided in each campsite. Please do not burn any trash, plastic, cans, or fish remains in your campsite. A site cleanup fine of $35 will be charged if garbage is found in your firepit. – This fine is imposed by the Gilbert Police Department.
  8. No firearms or fireworks shall be discharged at the campground.
  9. We take the protection of our environment very seriously. Please do not cut, strip, or permanently damage any trees or brush in the campground. We also require that ALL wood burned in the campground be purchased at the Campground office or within the City of Biwabik to avoid all agricultural invasive species.
  10. Please be considerate of all guest and refrain from loud yelling and profanity.
  11. Be respectful and kind to all guests.
  12. No black or gray water disposal is allowed at any site. Please make sure that all black and gray water is released appropriately into the campground dump station.
  13. To conserve water and keep costs lower power washing is not allowed.
  14. No smoking inside the office, shower buildings or any outbuildings
  15. Swimming at the boat landing or fishing docks is not allowed.
  16. Temporary clothes lines should be tied to tree trunks and large limbs only. Be aware of safety and ensure your clothesline is not a tripping or strangling hazard.
  17. To conserve energy and keep costs lower all air conditioners, lights, and patio lights are to be turned off while away from your site.
  18. All external lighting should be turned off while sleeping and during daylight hours.
  19. All fish shall be cleaned within the fish cleaning areas. Dumping of fish guts and skins is not allowed.
  20. Camper shall not cause or permit any flammable or explosive material, oil, radioactive material or hazardous or toxic waste substance to be brought upon, used, stored or dumped on the site or within the campground area. Camper shall be responsible for any required repair, clean-up or detoxification of the site caused by Camper.
  21. No one under the age of 18 years old shall be allowed to camp without a guardian present.
  22. Alcohol use by underage campers in the campground and beach areas is not tolerated and will be reported to local law enforcement. All violators will be asked to leave the park.

Rules Violation:
Violation of campground rules and policies could result in eviction from the campground. A refund will not be given.
The campground rules are subject to change without notice based on City Administration or Council decision.

ATV & Golf Carts:
All ATVs and golf carts must be licensed and operated within state and local guidelines.


  1. All pets must be on a leash at all times.
  2. All pets must be collared and have the owners up-to-date contact information on it.
  3. All pets must be immediately cleaned up after. Failure to remove pet waste will result in a $35 site clean-up fine. – This fine is imposed by the Gilbert Police Department.
  4. Pets cannot be left unattended outside at your site.
  5. Pets are not allowed at the beach area.
  6. Pets creating a disturbance or being a nuisance will not be tolerated and will result in eviction from the campground.
  7. No pets will be allowed inside any of the campground and beach buildings at any time with the exception of service animals.

Emergency Services:
The campground is patrolled on a regular basis by both the Gilbert Police Department and the St. Louis Co. Sheriff. Please call 911 with your emergency.

Extra Camping Units:
One (1) tent may be used in addition to a wheeled camper/RV. A maximum of six (6) adults or two (2) adults and minor children permitted per campsite, additional people are allowed at the group camping rate.

The beach, boat launching area, and park are common areas and are available for public use.
The campground pavilion is for available for reservation with the City Hall.

Please recycle and drop off aluminum cans across from the office. *Removed reference to funds going to Biwabik Rec Department*

Reservation Cancellation:
Reservations canceled within 72 hours of arrival will not receive a refund. Reservations cancelled prior to the 72 hours of arrival will receive a $5.00 reduction in their refund. No refunds due to late cancellation or weather.

Dumpsters are provided for disposal of household trash while camping. Prior to departing…make sure, your campsite is free of litter. Use dump station located at the office for dumping black water, gray water or waste.

Open 24 hours a day. Please keep showers clean for the next person. If there is an issue in the shower house please see the host prior to your shower to get it resolved.

Please enjoy your stay with us and come back again soon.

Approved by Biwabik City Council 4-12-21