Seasonal Camper Rules

All rules will be enforced; any issues or emergencies that happen; a written report will be filled out and placed in your file for management/ owners to review. If there are numerous issues concerning any particular site/sites, it will warrant a visit from the host and may result in eviction without refund. After a review of reports at the end of the year; host/City reserves the right not to renew your lease for the following season.

All fees are to be paid on time or a late penalty will be applied. Payments can be made online, at the office during business hours or by EFT. If you need to make special arrangements for payment, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do so BEFORE payment deadlines. Seasonal sites without a deposit paid by the due date will be made available for purchase for other current/new seasonal campers.
Seasonal Camper Limit

In order to maintain a balance in seasonal and transient campers, a limit is imposed on the number of seasonal campers that are accepted each year

Seasonal campers are permitted guests at no extra charge. All guests and vehicles must be registered at the office or with advanced notice in the event the office is closed. All guests must be accompanied by the seasonal camper while staying on the seasonal site.


The City of Biwabik requires all dogs be up to date on shots and be registered. Seasonal campers should have a copy of shots on record at the campground. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets. Pets are NOT to be left unattended at your site. Please control barking. NO pets are allowed at the beach area, any buildings or in the playground areas. Any pets that show aggression will be asked to be removed and not be permitted back to the campground.
Site Maintenance
Seasonal campers may use/build a non-penetrating deck for use at the campsite. Digging is strictly not allowed in the campground.
Seasonal campers are responsible for the maintenance of their own sites. If you require assistance, please go to the Office to request/fill out a Work Order form. Keep in mind that our Host has daily duties for our campground, please consider his time. They will attend to your request in a timely fashion.
If you have any leaves or pine needles from spring clean-up, please leave them roadside at your site. They must be in large paper leaf bags so they can be burned, no plastic, please.
Subleasing Site
Any camper permitting another person, who is not on their site lease contract, to use their seasonal pass will forfeit their camping privileges immediately and must remove themselves, their trailer, and belongings from the site immediately and no money will be refunded.
Landscaping, Planting Trees, Flowers, Vegetable Plants 

Any form of landscaping including, but not limited to: landscape timbers, mulch, gravel, fill dirt etc. must receive prior approval from park management before being installed. 


 Campers wishing to plant tree(s) on their campsite are permitted and encouraged to do so, however, prior approval from the Host is required in regard to species and planting location. Any trees planted on a campsite become the property of the campground, and the city will assume the responsibility for their care upon vacating the campsite.


Campers wishing to plant flowers on their campsite are permitted to do so. All dead plant material must be removed at the end of the growing season or upon vacating the campsite. Transplanting wildflowers from the property is prohibited. 


Campers wishing to plant vegetable plants may do so only if the total area planted covers no more than one (1) square yard (3’ x 3’). All dead plant material must be removed at the end of the growing season or upon vacating the campsite.

Addition Or Removal Of Fill Material
Campers will not be permitted to add or remove fill material from their campsite without the expressed written consent of the host. If fill is added it will become the property of campground.  Any approved fill which may become disturbed by Campground staff in order to make improvements or repairs will be the responsibility of the camper to replace. Every effort will be made to minimize any damage done to the campsite.
Grey/Black Waste Water
All wastewater grey or black must be safely contained within the camping unit tank or transfer tank. A camper may not dump waste water on the ground. Transfer service is available from the campground host.
Hazardous or Toxic Materials
Camper shall not cause or permit any flammable or explosive material, oil, radioactive material or hazardous or toxic waste substance to be brought upon, used, stored or dumped on the site or within the Park. Camper shall be responsible for any required repair, clean-up or detoxification of the site caused by Camper.
Electricity & Water Usage
Your site rental fee includes utility fees for the appliances in your camper. However, if you wish to have additional freezers, refrigeration or the use of your A/C while your away there will an extra fee for that based on usage.

Please help keep costs low by turning off outdoor lights, AC, heaters while you are away from the area for extended periods of time.