Seasonal Camper Rules

All campground rules shall be followed by seasonal campers along with the following additions. Any issues or emergencies that happen due to camper error or fault will result in a written report to be filled out and placed in your file for City Council and/or City Administration to review.
If there are multiple issues concerning any particular site/sites, it may result in an eviction without refund.
The City Council and/or City Administration reserves the right not to renew your lease for the following season.

All fees are to be paid on time. Payments can be made online or by EFT.

Seasonal sites without a deposit or full amount paid by the due dates will be made available for purchase by other current/new seasonal campers.

Seasonal campers are permitted guests up to a maximum of six (6) adults per site at no extra charge. All guests and vehicles must be registered at the office or with advanced notice in the event the office is closed. All guests must be accompanied by the seasonal camper while staying on the seasonal site. Excessive guests will be asked to leave. All guest vehicles must be parked off the road or down by the beach parking area.

The City of Biwabik requires all dogs be up to date on shots and be registered. Seasonal campers should have a copy of shots on record with them at the campground.

Site Maintenance
Seasonal campers may use/build a non-penetrating deck for use at the campsite. Digging is strictly not allowed in the campground.

Seasonal campers are responsible for the cleanliness of their site and are to keep it neat and organized with no incidences of blight present. You are responsible for making arrangements for your site to be mowed by the campground host. If you require assistance with a site maintenance item please report the issue to the campground host in a timely manner.

Subleasing Site
Any camper permitting another person, who is not on their site lease contract, to sublease will forfeit their camping privileges immediately. They will be required to remove their trailer and any other property from the site immediately. They will not receive a refund.

Landscaping, Planting Trees, Flowers, Vegetable Plants
Any form of landscaping including, but not limited to: landscape timbers, mulch, gravel, fill dirt etc. must receive prior approval from the City Administration prior to being installed.
Trees – Campers are not permitted to plant trees.
Flowers – Campers wishing to plant flowers on their campsite are permitted to do so provided they are annuals only and not an invasive species. All plant material must be removed at the end of the growing season or upon vacating the campsite. Transplanting wildflowers from the property is prohibited.
Vegetables – Campers wishing to plant vegetable plants may do so only if the total area planted covers no more than one (1) square yard (3’ x 3’). All plant material must be removed at the end of the growing season or upon vacating the campsite.

Addition Or Removal Of Fill Material
Campers will not be permitted to add or remove fill material from their campsite without the expressed written consent of the City Administration. If fill is added it will become the property of campground.

Grey/Black Waste Water
All grey or black water must be safely contained within the camping unit tank or transfer tank. A camper may not dump wastewater on the ground.

End of Season Site Clean Up
You are responsible for ensuring your site is neat, clean, and ready for winter prior to departing the campground for the season. All property including decking must be removed prior to the last day of the camping season unless an off-season campsite storage rental contract is in place and paid for. Any property that is left behind without an off-season campsite storage rental contract in place it will become the property of the city. A campsite cleanup fee of $250.00 plus any applicable disposal fees will be charged if your seasonal campsite needs additional cleaning or property to be removed by City Public Works employees.

Approved by BIwabik City Council on 4-12-21